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Aid-Sheets (A6 3-set) by Medics Lodge - A must have for any grade of Medic!

A set of 3 A6 flexible but robust PVC sheets with 6 useful medical aid prints. Perfect for student/qualified paramedics and other clinical grades within the prehospital sector in the UK. These prints can be wiped clean allowing for multiple uses (we recommend whiteboard markers and non-permanent pens). These sheets are extremely popular and fly off the shelf. The sheets consist of the following 6 aids;

  1. ATMIST Handover
  2. ASHICE Pre-alert
  3. SBAR Handover
  4. Adult/Paediatric GCS
  5.  Paediatric Vitals Signs
  6. 12 Lead ECG Reference Guide

Please note that they are PVC sheets and not thick plastic so caution is needed when storing/handling this product. They’re robust but flexible and can be subject to wear and tear if not looked after. We slot ours in-between our JRCALC / Urgent care handbooks.

Size: A6

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